Now the laptop batteries are all use the lithium-ion batteries. As we all know, the memory capacity of the lithium-ion battery is not obvious and then we can charge and discharge the laptop battery at any time. However, even if the memory of the Li battery is not obvious, the freely charge and discharge of the user to the laptop battery would also affect the life of the battery. If we search the more authoritative test results, the general life for the charge and discharge of the Li battery is about 1000 times the charge-discharge. Nowadays, the professional expert from the famous online shop would give you more advices about the correct maintenance methods for the laptop battery. This online store is the selling the Laptop Battery such as the HP Laptop Batter, Dell Laptop Battery and so on.

Someone would have the problem that what factors affect the life of the laptop battery? The expert has told us that the highly configuration one of the factors that could affect the using life of the laptop battery. In addition to that, the switch of some unwanted external device would also affect the battery. The electronic life of the general battery life is commonly one year. But with the frequency using, the decreasing for the using life of the laptop battery is the normal condition. The final factor is related to the using environment. The too high or too low environmental temperature will affect the activity of the chemicals in the laptop battery core. Thereby, it will reduce the life of the laptop battery.

The quality and endurance of the laptop battery is the main concern when the clients are in purchase of the laptop. In fact, how to make good use of the laptop battery and how to extend the using life of the laptop battery such as the Acer Laptop Battery are no doubt the difficult problem which has plagued the majority of notebook users. How to maintenance the laptop battery? The battery experts from the website above would give you some suggestions which would help you avoid the following errors.

The first myth we usually face is that we have thought that we should make full use of the laptop battery volume. But this thought is incorrect. The excessive charge and discharge for the Li-battery would rapidly reduce the activity of the battery. So, during the using, we do not need to deliberately charge to 100 percent. We should not use the laptop battery until it is automatic shutdown. When the laptop tells you the volume of the battery has been reduce 10 percent, you could begin to charge. When you have charged for 98 percent, you can stop the charging. And that will not do damage to the laptop battery.

The other myth is that someone have never removed the Laptop Battery. In fact, the excessive charging problem for a well-designed laptop battery has never been existed. Because the Li-battery does not has a protection circuit. When the charge indicator goes off, it has said that the charging is over. However, due to the overheated environment, the aging rate of the Li-battery will accelerate. So, if we you do not often use the battery in summer, we should take it down to prevent the overheating damage.

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