Linux Server Security Management Services

Securing your Linux server is important to protect your data from hackers – crackers. Security must be at its peak safeguarding your data, has flexibility, has innovation, and efficient both in performing the needed task. The importance of managed servers is best appreciated in these modern times.

Unlimited 24×7 support through:

  • Live Chat.
  • Support Tickets.
  • E-mail.
  • Tutorials if needed.

Currently we support the following Linux operating system and control panels:

  • CentOS.
  • Red Hat.
  • Fedora.

Control Panels:

  • cPanel/WHM.
  • Direct Admin.
  • ISPConfig
  • Change root password to strong.
  • Change the SSH port. – Change the default SSH port 22 to something else.
  • Enable e-mail notification when a user root login.
  • Change the MySQL password to strong.
  • Create Secure Shell legal message into server.
  • Enable IP restrict access on server.
  • Disable PHP shell script.
  • Disable anonymous FTP.
  • Enable mod_security.
  • sysctl.conf Optimize – sysctl is an interface that allows you to make changes to a running Linux kernel. You can configure various Linux networking and system settings.
  • host.conf Optimize – The host.conf file by default uses the local /etc/hosts file and does not do IP spoofing checks.
  • CloudLinux + CageFS + LVM – (Optional – Require dedicated server or XEN , KVM and VMware VPS. OpenVZ & Virtuozzo is not supported) – is the first commercial OS that meets the specific needs and demands of web hosting providers. CloudLinux is the choice for web hosting providers because of the stable environment it provides even in the most extreme hosting situations.
    CageFS is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own ‘cage’. Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc. CageFS was previously known as SecureLVE.
  • CSF Firewall installation and configuration –  ConfigServer firewall is a popular linux firewall security suite. CSF helps to control exactly what traffic is allowed in and out of the server and protect the server from malicious attack.
  • Install DDOS software. – DDOS assist in the process of blocking a denial of service attack.
  • Install Root kit checker – Check for root kits and even set a root kit on cron job. This will show you if anyone has compromised your root.
  • Install mode_security.
  • Install Clamav anti-virus.
  • PHP.
  • ZendOptimizer .
  • Secure Socket Layer.
  • etc..etc..

If your server has been hacked or if you think that something goes wrong, we will find the issue and we will fix it.

  • SSL certification setup.
  • Optimize Server Tweaks.
  • Nginx installation.
  • Fixing failed services.
  • Optimize PHP and PHP Exhaustive options.

We monitor your server to ensure that is running. The monitor check every 5 minutes. When your server goes down, you will be notified immediately.

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We manage any kind of Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server running Linux (CloudLinux, RedHat, CentOS).